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Providing exceptional quality dental care means staying current with the latest developments in the field. At Delgado Dental Group, our dentist is committed to maintaining a position at the forefront of advanced technology and methods of care. By offering a sweeping range of advanced services for the continued beauty and vitality of your smile, our practice is a premier resource for the best in restorative, implant, laser and cosmetic dentistry. As your Stockton laser dentist, we offer select procedures with the use of a dental laser for the ultimate level of precision.

So what does precision mean when you come for dental treatment? Depending on the nature of the procedure, increased precision might mean quicker recovery and healing times; it could also mean increased conservation of healthy tissue. Since their adaptation to dentistry in the early 1990’s, advances in dental laser technology offers an ever increasing range of applications and benefits over traditional approaches to care for both the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. Examples range from their use in the treatment of cavities, oral lesions, and gum surgery, to even helping to activate professional teeth whitening systems. In addition to the benefits of laser-sharp precision, dental lasers can offer additional advantages depending on their application. For instance, in the treatment of cavities, lasers can sometimes be used in place of the dental drill, making it possible to treat the tooth without rumbling and loud noise. When applied to soft-tissue procedures, such as advanced therapies for gum disease, patients experience comparatively less bleeding and swelling following treatment because lasers cauterize as they go. This feature also typically makes recovery periods faster when compared to traditional therapies. As your Stockton laser dentist, Dr. Delgado is happy to discuss how we can provide you with ultra-precise dental treatment with the use of our dental laser.

To learn more about how you may stand to benefit from this leading-edge dental technology, talk to our experienced Stockton laser dentist about what treatment options are available at our office. To schedule your next visit, call Delgado Dental Group today!

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